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Signal-to-noise computation
01-21-2016, 14:55
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Signal-to-noise computation
I need to figure out the SNR for all my sources. What is the agreed-on best practice to do that with Sextractor AUTO (Kron) photometry?
If I understand correctly, something like FLUX/FLUXERR makes no sense as FLUXERR scales with the signal and is defined by 1.0857 / F * sqrt(A * sigma^2 * F / gain)). So, to get sigma here (i.e., the noise) I would have to compute sigma out of this equation. But then again, how do I determine the area A that is used here in case of AUTO photometry? I could imagine something like A = pi * KRON_RADIUS^2 * A_IMAGE * B_IMAGE. Is this the correct approach or is there a better/easier way to get the SNR for each source?

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